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John Rich Without His Hat

The winner of Celebrity Apprentice, John Rich.  Have you ever wondered what he looks like without his trademark hat on?  I was curious so here ya go…. Looking a little thin in the skin there cowboy (like I can talk).  John has a strange mystic about him, he looks short, but appears tall at the same time.

My guess is he stand about 5’7″ with no shoes on and 5’10” with cowboy boots on.  Regardless a very smart and driven fella with a drive to succeed.

And can’t leave with seeing Lil Jon without HIS trademark sunglasses on either… kinds looks like my friend Joyce!



Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar

Metallica rocks it hard and live from Dublin, Ireland.  Awesome video and the crowd is so fricken amped! I saw them once on the early 90’s at the Lee County Arena in Ft Myers, FL and they rocked the house. Now I am itching to go to a live concert again…  It’s been a long while.