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Donald Trump Quits!

Donald Trump you are a quitter cuz Obama kicked your old white A$$!

Politics has always been a nuisance to me and I was really liking the idea of Trump running for president. You can read the official press release about it at CNN.  I think the image above from totally sums it up, but just in case:

Donald Trump… you’re FIRED!


Donald Trump President 2012?

So The Donald will run for president?  Yeah right…  Let’s see if he has a change of heart after his show wraps.  btw, I love this “you’re fired” compilation video here at youtube.  However I am a fan of Trump and wish him the best, the guy is smart.

Wonder who he will fire tonight.  I say Meatloaf and Lil John as they are not as strong as Marlee and John Rich, actually I pick John Rich to win it!

We will see what happens after tonight.

EDIT:  Looks like it’s Marlee vs John Rich!