A New Year And Already Broke

Bah! Well, 2012 is not starting out so well. With all the holidays I also lost a lot of hours at my job and can barely buy bread, literally. I knew it was coming, tried to find a part time job to take up the slack but could not find nuttin honey!

And of course I was warmly informed that a few of my bills would increase, nice. I have been in this predicament before when I lived in Los Angeles trying to become an actor only to realize I do not have any talent. The cost of living there is very high and just about everything you do is 3 times as much hassle. I went into a payday loan place and came out with a parking ticket more that what I borrowed to buy some groceries. Man, that pissed me off!

Unfortunately I had to do the same thing again (get a loan) but I did it different searched for local payday lenders and found some that would do it online without having to go into the office, which is convenient for me because the ones I did find were in a seedy part of town and I did not feel like dealing with that at all.  These cash advance lenders are what I found and after reviewing them I decided to with CashNetUSA (#2 on that page).  It was easier than I thought and it actually worked!  I thought it was all a scam, but turned out not to be.  …so far.

It works like this.  I applied with my job info and my bank account so they could direct deposit.  Now, as with the payday loans you get in person you must agree to pay back on a certain date with interest.  Seemed easy enough, although I do not like the idea of them going into my account and taking money out with interest.  Something about that I do not trust.  But again, did my research and it seems this particular company is legit as they are with the BBB and offer incentives – they want your business and want me to come back.

I just applied this morning and already got the funds, so I can’t tell you about the payback just yet.  Will update in two weeks or so to let you know how that went and if there were any problems.  Hope not.  When you do not have toilet paper and nothing but stale Top Ramen in the kitchen it is time to bit the bullet and get some help even if it means you are paying way too much interest.  I think I will be paying back $118 total.  Not too bad, since the loan was for 100 and the interest will the 18 dollars.  I just hope I don’t get sucked into having to use this service too often, it’s like flushing money down the toilet.

Sure, get a job that pays more.  If Newt Gingrich says it’s so easy, it must be right?  Seriously though, I am not the only one in this bind.  A lot of my friends who have masters degrees are trying to get jobs at Target where they only pay minimum wage (woo hoo).  I have tried doing some online stuff but it fizzled out with no where else to go, did good for a while though.  I wrote a post about it here, read it if you like.


Ayyyy, whatcha gonna do?!


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