RIP Macho Man

Looks like we lost another great wrestler, Randy Poffo, aka Macho Man Randy Savage….

Here is a video of Macho winning the World title for the 1st time at Wrestlemania

The dude wrecked his jeep with speculation he had a heart attack behind the wheel.  If that is the case, then it just drives home a point that all that working out and weight lifting will kill you faster that eating deep fried Twinkies.  Don’t know if he took roids during is career, prob did… that will do it right there.

The immortal Hulk Hogan’s Twitter has a fan page set up where you can post thoughts about the Macho Man.  Just when he and Hulk we talking again.  I know, I get it… I to have friends that are stubborn refuse to speak to me (for whatever reason) and if they die or I die??  Just stupid to hold grudges.

So let’s all give a big “oooooohhhhhh yeeeeeaahhhhhh” sometime today and let him know we all loved his work in the ring!  Aloha brother…


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